Music for Table Top Gaming

We here at Silver Hill Games love playing board games. We don’t want you to miss out on the fun, so we put together some awesome dramatic music to get you in the mood.

We have put together a collect of songs and soundscapes to enhance your table top gaming experience. We’ve taken the time to create collections of songs and sounds that make your gaming experience more engaging.

Unobtrusive, instrumental music designed to help you and your fellow players enjoy the game. Our game music will help immerse you in the game world while your tabletop friends and family enjoy their time together.

We have created each playlist with the game mood in careful consideration. We don’t want you to worry about playing a serious involved and intense board game and the music changes to a whimsical happy go luck some, that just ruins the mood. The same would go if your group is playing a lighter more social and light hearted style of game and an intense song starts playing.

Board Game Music Playlists

Our aim is to create board game music playlist that blends into your table top gaming experience.



Upbeat / Good Vibe

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