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Charged Canada is an electric vehicle mission-based strategy game. You and your friends build out the electric vehicle charging stations and solar installations as you see fit across Canada. Be the first to earn ten victory points to win. How you earn those victory points change each time you play and are different for each player. By completing specific mission card objectives is the only way to collect victory points. Easier missions are worthless while harder ones will take longer to complete are worth more.

Every player has a different set of objectives that are identified on the mission cards at the beginning of the game. Every play through is different as the combination of mission cards that every player holds determine each player’s focus for that game. Missions can be traveling from specific cities, collecting resources, or building infrastructure across the country. Every player needs charging stations on an upcoming tile to be able to move there, so you either need to build the charging station network or wait for other to build it and pay them for the use.

The game pace becomes faster as more charging stations are built across Canada which make completing all the missions a little bit easier for everyone. Everyone has a good chance to win, even near the end since you could collect all your mission cards at once and win the game at the same time.

Every play through requires a different strategy to get your goals completed. This makes it easy for beginners to play as their mission cards are the only thing they need to really worry about, not what other people are doing.

This is a family-friendly game that does not have players fight against each other, rather they have different roles in the expansion of the electric vehicle charging network across the nation.




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Charged Canada - an electric vehicle mission based strategy board game

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